Just because you have a home in Sapphire, Cashiers, or Highlands, NC doesn’t mean you’re life is a bowl of cherries.  Sometimes you’re handed situations you just don’t know what to do with.  If one of these situations presents itself as  loss of income, catastrophic illness or other income threatening mess, what do you do about your second home in the mountains?  What about your ONLY home in the North Carolina mountains?


Here’s the answer to your question:  Think about doing a short sale on your home in Cashiers…A short sale by definition is selling your Cashiers, NC home for less than you owe the financial institution that owns the note on the home.  Although the sale may damage your credit, it won’t have a long term effect like the one you would experience if you allow foreclosure to take place, or if you move forward with a deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure.


How does a short sale work?  I list your home in Sapphire, NC for sale at a price we know will be a great deal for someone that’s shopping Sapphire homes for sale.  We get an offer, you approve the contract and we move on toward getting bank approval.  Once the bank approves the sale of your Sapphire home, we close the deal just as a normal transaction would be closed.  What you’re not hearing is the length of time it may take for bank approval in this process.  Especially in the case of larger financial institutions, short sale approval can take a major amount of time.   I have personally been involved in two short sale transactions where bank approval has literally taken months to finally come through!  The trick here is to never give up, and I don’t!


I have gotten some especially difficult short sales where the lending institution was a large bank and the person buying the short sale was borrowing money from a large bank.  That DOUBLES the chances of a lengthy transaction, with time investments that would blow your mind!  It’s amazing to me how many people are involved in the process, but what a relief to finally achieve that closing on your short sale!


I’m your can-do, go-to, get-er-done short sale expert here in the mountains.  Whether you have a Cashiers, Sapphire or Highlands homes for sale, you can call on me…I WILL get it done for you!  Call Merry Soellner at 828 399 1580 and I’ll help you get your short sale started.

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