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Cashiers homes and land : Merry Soellner Mountain Properties comprehensive real estate services:

Merry Soellner offers unique comprehensive services, because her husband is an Architect and she is an Interior Decorator, published in national, local and state publications.  Cashiers homes and land sites are available if you know where to look, and she does.  In addition to Cashiers homes, Merry can help you find homes and land in Lake Toxaway, Highlands, Glenville, Sapphire, Brevard and Franklin.

– HOME REPAIRS, FIX-UP & MAINTENANCE: Merry and her architect-husband have scores of general contractors and subcontractors to call upon to fix and maintain Cashiers homes so that you can sell your place in prime condition.

– STAGING : In addition to providing experienced, published interior design work with her husband, Rand Soellner, Architect, AIA, Merry is also a certified Home Staging Specialist. Your Cashiers homes never looked so good.  You can rest assured that you’ll get the most “bang for your buck” when listing your home with Merry. Let her teach you about “The 7 Deadly Home Staging Sins” you may be committing with attempting to sell your home right now! Candid, professional advice may be what you’re lacking if you’ve had your home on the real estate market for a lengthy period of time. A free service provided to all her real estate listings, Merry is available for hire for those who need help getting top dollar AND quick sales for their homes!

– INTERNET EXPOSURE : Merry’s website is a leading source for Western North Carolina real estate/home searches. She also is a member of several real estate regions, so her listings appear on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for a wide region in Western North Carolina.  Your Cashiers homes will recieve more internet exposure here.

Shared Sales Fee with other Agents who bring buyers– SHARED SALES FEE WITH OTHER AGENTS WHO BRING BUYERS : This may sound obvious, but this is NOT the practice of all real estate brokerages. We encourage you to ask your realtor if they share their fee with other agents who bring buyers (if they do not have a separate buyer’s agency agreement with them). Not all do. Merry does; she wants to help you sell your property, homes and buildings by having the incentive for ALL agents in all of Western North Carolina to bring motivated buyers!  This helps get your Cashiers homes sold faster.

– SPECIAL SALE APPEAL EVALUATION AND MONITORING & REPORTING : have you ever wondered what your real estate agent REALLY thinks of your property or home? Even more importantly, have you ever had an agent who told you what your potential BUYERS were not just thinking, but actually SAYING? Ever had an agent not only report this back to you verbally, but also in writing, listing the items in order of importance? Merry does. This valuable service begins on the day you engage her services on your behalf. She works hard to obtain an understanding of what this demanding market wants, and specifically, what your property and home may need in order to effect a swift, maximum-dollar sale. Get Merry working for you and SELL YOUR PROPERTY AND HOME NOW!  You need this kind of help to sell your Cashiers homes.

Architectural professional evaluation of the property you are considering buying
– ARCHITECTURAL PROFESSIONAL EVALUATION OF THE PROPERTY YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING: Merry’s husband is internationally renowned #1 Mountain Architect, Rand Soellner, AIA. Upon special request, he will visit the property you are interested in buying from his wife, Merry, and analyze the best location for your home/building(s), possible septic and well locations, driveway location, best views, site slope analysis and more: Rand can suggest possible home designs for your site. Who else but Merry Soellner can offer such professional services?  No one.  Cashiers homes: your dream in the mountains.


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Merry Soellner Mountain Properties :    828. 399. 1580   a licensed real estate broker with Keller Williams.


Merry Soellner provides real estate services in: Lake Toxaway NC Real Estate, Highlands NC Homes and Sapphire NC Real Estate. Merry will happily help you with your home search in these lovely mountain communities: Cashiers NC and Brevard NC.  We can also find your next homesite in: Glenville NC and Sylva NC Land.

These fine neighborhoods have some of the finest homes!:  Hickory Ridge ,  Stonefly , Brevard , Cedar Ridge , Cedar High  and Stillmont .  Merry Soellner can locate your next new home in: Sassafras Ridge , Cedar Hill ,  Holly Forest , Burlingame,  and Cedar Meadows.  The perfect building site isn’t hard to find, especially when you have these locations to choose from: Arden ,  Asheville , Brevard ,  Sylva , Waynesville and more.