Better Photographs for My House

Better Photographs for My House

What do we mean by better photographs for my house? And exactly “who” is “my”?  Well in this particular case, the “my” is you…my client.

Better Photographs for My House

Better Photographs for My House: This is me operating my drone at a client’s house.
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As part of my obligation to better represent you and your property for sale, I am continually investing in better technology.  My most recent investment to provide better photographs for your house is my brand new helicopter aerial drone.


I recently thought seriously about the market, as it is NOW.  There’s really a lot of competition out there for getting a listing really noticed.  First and foremost, understand that the internet makes for 92% of beginning real estate searches.  Next, understand that we are a second home market.  Are you with me so far?  In our small market, we have well over 1,200 residential listings.  The likelihood of getting noticed with a normal number of photographs and with a main photograph like the one shown, now becomes less and less.


Better Photographs for My House

Better Photographs for My House: Here I’ve got the drone above the roof looking at Whiteside which is one of the spectacular views available. My drone is what allows me to get above the roof to display this.
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How do we get past the idea of “normal” photographs?  We CAN hire professional photographers, but frankly, they’re expensive and you don’t necessarily get what you want in terms of photos.  I do a visual tour of all my listings, so I have to have panoramic photos from as many angles as I can get.  That means that I need many more photographs that I’m going to have to add to my bill, pricing me out of being able to provide that service.


So, where does that leave us?  I continue to provide as many good photographs as is possible, by taking over 100 photographs of each property on average.  I do my very best to make sure they’re clear, well-lit and interesting, such as the image you see here.  It just didn’t seem to be enough that I take so many photos, and that I do a visual tour on every property.


Better Photographs for my House

Better Photographs for my House: This is an aerial view down the street of one of my listings that gives my clients and potential buyers a better understanding of trees, mountains, homes and views of the homes. I have started to do this for all of my new listings.
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Recently, I made a trip to my technology store of choice to up-grade my mobile phone.  An item I had thought about for a good while was, “What if I had a drone?  Would that make a difference in getting my listings noticed quicker?  Would any listing clients really care?  How could I use that technology to my clients’ advantage?”


The answers to those questions came swiftly and they made so much sense, that I decided to make the investment to “Wow” my clients and also to “Wow” the internet searchers by adding incredible view photos and other interesting angles that simply cannot be captured by a normal digital camera from the ground.  Just think!  Your home can be showcased like the one you see in the image here without my ever leaving the ground.


It will be my pleasure to demonstrate the technology at a listing appointment with you.  Call me today, and find out how it works!



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