Are We Done Yet? Cashiers Area Sales NOW!

Are We Done Yet? Cashiers Area Sales NOW!

There’s an awful lot of talk about whether the real estate market is at the bottom yet.  As a real estate agent that does quite a bit of business in this beautiful mountain region of North Carolina, what I say to people is that I don’t really know how we can get much lower than we are!  Everything seems to be pointing in the direction of generally moving around now.  Our market appears to be stabilizing at this point and activity (and interest rates) are on the rise.


Lakefront Homes for Sale in Cashiers

1431 Glenshore Drive-A Luxury Lakefront Home in Glenville, NC

If you’re a person that’s been sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether this is the time for you to purchase, get the heck off!  The great deals on houses that are really nice are NOT lasting.   Talk to your own real estate agent.  See what she/he says.  I think they’re going to agree with me that you can’t expect the terrific houses that are priced really well to be on the market long at all.  Take a look at comparables and check the days on the market.    The numbers will not lie to you.  These are the days that are going to be remembered the best.  When most people really understand that this really is the bottom of the market, we’ll already be on the way back up and then you’ll find yourself in a seller’s market, and the great buying days will be over…OVER…


Cashiers Homes for Sale

Ready to Sell! Immaculate Sapphire Home

So, please don’t wait any longer.  If you’re thinking you may want to purchase a Cashiers, Sapphire, Glenville, Lake Toxaway or Highlands home, start looking and don’t give up until you find THE ONE!   It’s out there for you, just stay with it.  Be sure to engage a Realtor to help you.  Work with your Realtor as a Buyer’s Agent.  The seller pays the commission and a buyer’s agent will be the most help to you!  Better yet, just call ME!  I’ll be happy to work with you as a buyer’s agent and I’ll work really hard for you.  Call me today!!  828 399 1580  or e-mail me at  You’ll really be glad you did!!


Sapphire Home

Ta Dah!

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