Sometimes I wonder if people really understand what real estate agents do (or don’t do) for them.  In the case of sellers, real estate agents list homes for sale.  They also advertise their listings in many different mediums.  These days, the only advertisement that really works is on line,  Your on line presence must be something in order to get the attention of those folks shopping listings on line!  92% of all searches begin on line, and on line advertising can be much more expensive than those out-dated real estate magazines that many people favored for a lot of years.  Now, the only reason to advertise listings in such a publication is to satisfy the seller’s need to see their home in print…REALLY.  Not only do real estate agents list and advertise your home for sale, but also they do such things as check on the property to make sure all is well, they call repair trades people, they have keys made and re-made, they have lockboxes put on the property to ensure ease of showing by other agents, they “chat it up” with other agents to promote the property, and generally go out of their way to become good stewards of your property !

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I can help you sell your house, or find your new home!


For Buyers, agents drive them around ( sometimes for years! ), buy them lunch, pick and choose homes for them to see, write up contracts, negotiate with sellers’ agents, schedule inspections, negotiate repairs, negotiate furnishings, find financing, take them shopping for furniture, help them move, and many other things as well.





So, as you can see, real estate agents do just about everything from soup to nuts!!!  Call me!  I do all this and more!!  I’m always available at 828 399 1580!


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