Sales numbers for our Highlands/Cashiers mountain area are out for the month of July, and it’s not the prettiest sight I’ve ever seen, but it certainly isn’t the worst!!  32 Homes in our MLS area sold during the month of July, which was a slight increase over the same period of 2012.  The average sales price fell from $625,000 to $362,500, so that was a pretty dramatic decrease in average sales price.  Although we experienced a slight dip in average sales price (did I just say “slight”?  REALLY?), sales for the year 2013 are still up by 15%.  Most Realtors in the area are confident that sales for August will be re-invigorated and we’re also very hopeful for the remainder of the summer and the fall leaf season.  There are still many great values to be had in our second home market, here in Highlands, Cashiers, Sapphire, Glenville and Lake Toxaway!  The whole Plateau has terrific home, land and townhome/condo offerings and motivated sellers behind them.


But, let’s get back to business:  Since July is historically our busiest sales month of the year, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?  Many people believe (and I’m one of those) that the torrential rain we had during the latter part of June and the first half of July put off vacationers looking at homes and property.  We had such an increase in traffic during that time, lots of us were found sitting at the Crossroads traffic light through 3 and 4 red lights before being able to make it through the light!  (If you’ve been here before, you know what I’m talking about!)  There were so many people here for vacation, it looked like the “good old days” before the crash.  Realtors (and, of course, all business people) all over the Plateau were so happy to see the wonderful increase in traffic, it seemed like Christmas in July!  Then came the RAIN…I mean, really, we weren’t even able to have the gazillion fireworks displays that are common at the many clubs and communities on July 4th!  During the 10 years that I’ve lived here, that has NEVER happened before, so it was a mess.  As far as looking at homes…well, how happy would you be at dashing through the rain to see a home and not even knowing what the property was like because it was raining so hard you couldn’t see?  Well, you and about 25,000 other people (just kidding – but there were a bunch) decided that it was a bad idea, too.  So, to the intrepid 32 home buyers during the month of July, I say:  “WOW!  Kudos!”


Sales for August appear to be on the rise, and sellers continue to be very motivated, maybe partly because of the rainy weather of July.  If you’ve ever wanted to own a home or property in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, now may be the BEST TIME EVER in recent history to consider that investment in real estate.  So, what I have to say about that is, “Call Merry and get Happy!”  Call me today at 828 399 1580…I’m always available and happy to help!


Here are just some of the fabulous properties I have listed for sale, and remember, I can show you any property listing in our MLS!




Front Elevation of Home and Entry Driveway. What a welcoming sight!

River Front

Cullasaja River Frontage in Highlands, NC

D Smith Home

Beautiful Entry to Home

Chambers Home

Beautiful Views and Easy Living














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