Spring has sprung!  It’s time to do those items that we seem to put off that will not only help you sell your home, but will also help you maintain the investment you have in your home!  Here, in Cashiers, NC, we know that after a long winter, there are maintenance items that really do help maintain the appearance of your home, and (if left unattended) can cause potential damage in the long run!  This is part one of a series of articles that will help you identify little things you can do to help your home stay new while you’re in the process of getting it sold.


Clean out those gutters!  Waterfalls are beautiful, and we all love them, but not when they occur during a rain storm, from our own debris-filled gutters!!  Water damage is common here, and can be a real issue over time.  When your gutters are full of “stuff”, the flow of rain water will go somewhere, and it can overflow into the foundation of the home, causing moisture to collect in the foundations and that’s where a lot of the “musty” smells in homes start.  Another thing that can occur is that left unattended, water can be blown into loose-fitting windows or doors.  Check your drainage systems, too.  Make sure your down spouts are directing all that water away from your house, so that soil erosion isn’t taking place, and also so mold will be less likely to grow.

Be sure to check the grade of the soil around the house.  If your home is in an area where water will flow toward it, consider getting some help in determining a good drainage plan for the home.  Over time, water can be a really big issue and can also be one of the most damaging elements there is.  We live in a rain forest here, in Cashiers, so take care of making sure water doesn’t cause you to be unable to sell your home quickly.  The Dryer you can keep your home, the more appealing it will be for potential buyers.

If you have water features on your property, clean them out and get them ready to be center stage!   Water features are beautiful and add charm to a property.  Make sure the pumps are working and that all the winter grunge is gone!  It’s not a great job to do, but it’s important.  People love water features, but they want them to work!

As a Realtor, if you want to sell your home, I want you to sell it, too.  It’s very important to make sure your home doesn’t feel abandoned or neglected.  It’s even harder to accomplish that when your property is a second home.  When a home feels “good”, as if the owners just left,  that’s the property that’s going to get the contract written up on it.  That’s how you want your second home to feel.   It’s not always easy, but if you really want your Cashiers home for sale to be a Cashiers home SOLD, you can always start there!

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