Interest Rates are on the Rise

Interest Rates are on the Rise

Now is the time to make that real estate purchase in the Cashiers, Highlands, Glenville, Lake Toxaway, NC area!  Home owners are lowering their prices in anticipation of lots of “lookers” during the summer season, which is short!  But wait…Now interest rates are climbing!

Mountain Real Estate in Cashiers, NC

The lowest interest rate I heard of here in this area was 3.99%.  It was only last month that it was offered.  Now that figure has increased to over 5%.  My banker said that interest rates had risen every day last week, and we can expect more volatility in the days to come.

Lowest Interest Rates in 50 years for your WNC vacation home

If you’ve been sitting on a fence lately, trying to decide whether to purchase that perfect piece of real estate, don’t wait any longer!  The rate you save may be your own!

We just re-financed our own home for 5.85 percent.  And what a deal.  We haven’t seen interest rates that low in years!  We can help you locate just the right financial institution to get started on your own re-financing!  Whether it’s for your main house, condo, vacation house, Cashiers Homes and Land, Lake Toxaway Real Estate, your Glenville Homes or your Highlands Vacation Home.

Come and Get It!  Cashiers Homes for Sale, Lake Toxaway Homes and Land, Highlands Homes for Sale, Glenville Land and Homes, Sapphire Real Estate

Merry Soellner is a licensed real estate broker throughout the great state of North Carolina and can help you find your western North Carolina real estate and dream home in North Carolina.  Help her help you!  Call her now.

So, for us to help you, all you need to do is contact Merry at 828 399 1580 or at .  Give Merry a call now!

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