Plateau Activities: Leaf Festival – Every October

Plateau Activities: Leaf Festival – Every October

“The Plateau” is the region in the southern Appalachian Chain of mountains called the Blue Ridge Mountains, where lies Cashiers, Highlands, Glenville, Sapphire and Lake Toxaway.  Due to the deciduous hardwood trees and the 2/3 of a mile high elevation into the sky, this magical place has a riot of colors every fall, as the leaves turn to shades of crimson, yellow, orange and brown.  The sloping sides of mountains is the backdrop for this wild show of majestic scenery.


So much so, that the second week of every October has been christened the “Leaf Festival” in these parts.  People for hundreds of miles around travel to the Cashiers greater area, occupy their vacation homes, or rent rooms at hotels and bed & breakfasts.


This is also where Merry Soellner Mountain Properties has a real estate business.  Give her a call or email if you’d like to experience the Leaf Festival yourself, and perhaps make a home of it.   Check out the festival here:

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