Home Staging for Cashiers, Highlands, Lake Toxaway Sale Homes

Merry Soellner mountain properties, a real estate broker in the western North Carolina area known as “The Plateau,” discusses Home Staging and how this professional technique can result in improving the sales price of Highlands homes for sale, Lake Toxaway homes for sale, Glenville homes for sale and other WNC homes for sale, along with a faster sale, something of interest to many people trying to sell their homes today.

——– Cashiers, North Carolina (Merry Soellner Real Estate Broker) 8 November, 2009.  www.cashiersncland.com

Merry Soellner, real estate broker, is promoting Home Staging : a strategy to help people with Cashiers homes for saleSapphire homes for sale and with WNC homes for sale in other areas as well, to be able to obtain higher selling prices for their homes and to sell their homes more swiftly.  Soellner, a North Carolina licensed real estate broker, can recommend a Home Staging specialist for you to hire, to help you sell your home faster.

What Exactly Is Home Staging?

Staging is the vital process of glamorizing the look of any home by presenting it in an optimal light to maximize the selling price.  Some of the techniques and recommendations that Merry Soellner implements are:

–  Removal of homeowner’s excess personal items that the homeowner may not realize is perceived by potential buyers as clutter and that may make the home not appear welcoming to others unless removed.

–  Repainting over-personalized exterior and interior colors/wall papers with more neutral shades that have more popular appeal.

–  Removal/covering over of inappropriate items/materials with those that are more popular in the home’s market area.  It is sometimes difficult to convey that something that the homeowner really likes is in fact a turn-off for potential buyers.

–  Trimming of trees, bushes and other vegetation to result in a lighter and neater curb appeal.

–  Repositioning of furniture in all rooms for maximum appreciation of views, improved functional and social orientation and sometimes removal of some pieces to yield greater spaciousness.

–  Many other techniques too numerous to mention here.

Home Staging & Consultation - Mountain Homes - Mountain Land - Mountain Properties - Mountain Real Estate in North Carolina

What Can I Expect From My Home Staging Specialist?

You can expect your home staging specialist to be candid and professional. You will be offered good opinions and advice on how to make your home show its very best, using the “tools of the trade”.  Just remember, in the end, you make the decision on how much to do to enhance the appearance of your home and make it more saleable more quickly.

How Much Quicker Does A Staged Home Sell?

According to the National Association of Realtors, a staged home will sell in half the time an average home sells.  See attached statistical charts below.

Home Staging & Consultation - Mountain Homes - Mountain Land - Mountain Properties - Mountain Real Estate in North Carolina

How Do I Hire A Home Staging Specialist?

In the western North Carolina area, Merry Soellner can recommend a Home Staging Consultant to you for you to hire.  Consult the internet and your phone directory in other locations.

Comments from various major newspaper and other media regarding the effectiveness of Home Staging and how it can increase the sales price of your home, while decreasing the amount of time it takes to sell your home

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Information source: 2772 total properties, 129 staged properties, ranging in list price from $229,ooo to $4.8 million.  Village Voice, 3/24/00.

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