Investing in Cashiers NC Real Estate Now

Is there a better time to invest in Cashier, NC Real Estate?  Maybe, but how would we know for sure?  Since we are experiencing a Buyers’ Market (and have for quite some time now), I’d say now is a great time to consider an investment in Cashiers Real Estate!  According to current sales information, we have just over 4 years of inventory (based on current, local trends), which has decreased considerably.  Buyers who are interested in making a purchase will soon find themselves with fewer choices in their price range.


While looking at property, be sure to check with your buyer broker the motivation of the seller.  Has the property been on the market a long time?  Is it getting to the point that it could be distressed?  Does the seller need to move quickly?  While this information may seem a little personal, sometimes knowing a seller’s motivation is a bonus for the buyers.  In an area such as this, it is common to know a little of this information, so be sure to ask!


For resale purposes, be sure to get the most for your money!  There are a variety of price ranges right now and the lower price ranges are the ones going the quickest.  These properties do NOT sit on the market.  If you know of a property and you want to see it, you really need  to GO SEE IT.  The Cashiers/Highlands plateau has long been a favorite vacation spot for folks longing for mild temperatures and beautiful, natural views.


Check with your bank or other lender, if you plan to finance the home of your dreams.  Don’t wait to find that you’re unable to come up with the necessary funds to purchase a home that you love.  Find out what your limits are now.  That’s a practical, time-saving thing to do up front.  Go get pre-qualified.  If you plan to purchase a distressed property, your real estate broker will most likely need a pre-qualification letter from your lender to even be able to make an offer for you.  This can take some valuable time, even though most lenders can get you pre-qualified in a very few days.  Some distressed properties won’t even last a week, so if you’re at the point you really want to go property-shopping in the Cashiers or Highlands areas, please do everyone a favor and get pre-qualified.


Be sure to hire a Buyer’s Agent.  Most agents are paid by the seller, so you really aren’t paying their commission.  In North Carolina, brokers have to work for either the seller or the buyer, so get them to work for you!  It’s simple enough to have a buyers agency agreement with a broker.  Ask about it.  The broker will have fiduciary responsibility to you instead of the seller, and will then have your best interest at heart.  Be sure to ask questions when you have them.  Your broker will do what you need them to do (as long as it’s legal for them to do so).


Go ahead!  Jump in!  The water’s fine!  Call me!  I’m happy to help you!!


Merry Soellner, Broker

McKee Properties, Inc.

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