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Mountain Properties For Sale & Sold

Mountain properties are for sale and they are selling.  There is a lot of talk about the economy.   One of the silver linings is that people who want to invest in a great buy in real estate can do it right now.  So if you were wondering when was the right time to buy mountain properties for sale, the answer is simple: Right Now!

Merry Soellner has sold 2 condominiums  and one house in the last couple of weeks alone.  I’m Merry’s husband, Rand Soellner.  I’m an architect.  She and I were at a dinner party at one of her client’s houses a few days ago and at least two different acquaintances mentioned during casual conversation that they are buying up bargain mountain properties and homes right now.

They said that they don’t trust Wall Street and aren’t sure about the commodities markets/precious metals, and aren’t comfortable with the stingy return from CDs and the similar instruments available from banks.  I asked them what they are doing with their investment funds and they said: “We are buying up mountain property and homes.”  When asked about their motivations, they said that they could not think of any other tangible entity that is so under-valued at present, that is poised to return to a higher price in the coming months and years.

The real estate brokers around here (Cashiers, Highlands, Glenville, Lake Toxaway, Sapphire, North Carolina) have this saying that you have all probably heard, about high-quality land: “God ain’t making any more of it.”  This is could not be any truer for the southern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The Cashiers-Highlands-Lake Toxaway area is a high plateau around 3,000 to 4,600 feet Above Sea Level.  It is the absolute end of the Appalachian Mountain chain.  People from Atlanta, Florida, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and other places flock here to enjoy God’s air-conditioning during the summer and also to enjoy the spring and colorful autumn.  It is typically about 15 to 20 degrees cooler here than in Atlanta.  So if you’re in the Buckhead area just north of Atlanta and you are sweltering at 95 degrees F, rest assured that it is probably around 75 degrees F in the Cashiers area.

Also, there is the scenic beauty.  Unless you are in Rockies, the only other bona fide mountain range in the USA, you can’t match the tall granite cliff faces, steeply sloping mountain sides and vast valleys between rumpled mountain ranges.  Highlands – Cashiers – Lake Toxaway and Glenville have more waterfalls than just about any other location in the United States, with the possible exception of Hawaii.  And there are mountain lakes here.  It is a paradise.  No wonder so many people want to retire here.

So if you are thinking about what to do with your investments, you may want to talk to your accountant and consider taking advantage of the distressed housing and real estate market right now.  The time was never better.  All around us, there are whispers of a resurgence approaching in the housing market.  After it happens, it will be too late.  Even Warren Buffett has predicted a healed housing economy by early 2011.  When you are in the middle of history being made, it is often hard to see the forest for the trees, when you are in the middle of them.

Now that you know that some of the most desirable real estate and homes in the USA can be bought right now for bargain basement prices, you may want to give some serious consideration to that option.  Many other people are doing this right now and when the bargains are gone, new construction will renew and that will be the end of the bargains.