So, it’s happy Independence Day to everyone! There’s excitement in the air, and it’s summer in the mountains! What’s not to love? There’s an abundance of blooming rhododendrons this year, way more than I can remember in a long time. There’s an abundance of visitors, too! This is the time we make hay while the sun shines in Cashiers real estate. The past few years have been a little slower in terms of buyers, but this year they’re coming on fast and furious!  Our neighborhood gauge for numbers of people in town is the local Ingles grocery store.  My husband swears by this gauge, and he comes pretty close!


Vacant Mountain Land

One of Many Visitors to our Cashiers area!

There are a major bunch of pending sales being reported by our MLS system daily now…If you’ve been waiting to see what the election is going to bring or if there are other things that you worry about, but are interested in considering purchasing real estate, all I can say is you better act now.  I seriously have people who have been watching particular homes for a year or two, waiting to see how low they’ll go in terms of price.  All it takes is one person that feels like that home is a great deal, and then it’s gone.  We seem to have a new breed of buyer.  This buyer is tired of waiting to see how low prices will go.  They’re tired of hearing about elections.  They just want to live their life and enjoy their new real estate purchase in the mountains of western North Carolina!  This buyer is a year or two away from retirement and they don’t want to miss the low interest rate boat.  They don’t want to take a chance on not being able to purchase the home of their dreams, because somebody else got there first and thought the home was a great deal already.  It’s time to stop waiting…seriously!  Recognize the great deals on homes for sale in Cashiers, Sapphire, Glenville, Lake Toxaway and Highlands!   Tune in to your feelings.  If there’s a home you love, make an offer on it.  Sellers are taking offers these days they never would have considered before.  Real Estate is still one of the safest investments in the long term there could possibly be.


Wonderfully Level Building site in Lake Toxaway Estates

Wonderfully Level Building site in Lake Toxaway Estates








Don’t wait until the house of your dreams becomes the house of someone else’s dreams.  It could happen.  Call me today at McKee Properties!  828 399 1580