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Some people are daunted by the current real estate market.  Do you invest now or wait and see what’s going to happen?  One way to know you’re buying the very best possible deal on a home in Highlands, Cashiers, Glenville, Sapphire  and Lake Toxaway is to buy a foreclosure property.  Foreclosure properties are well-known for being as good a deal as anyone can get anywhere.  Generally, foreclosures ARE the best possible home purchase to make.


Foreclosures in Western NC






When considering a foreclosure home to purchase, remember that the home is probably going to have to have some repairs made, and there will be some appliances that will need to be purchased.  If spending $25,000 to repair and replace, does it make financial sense to purchase a foreclosed property?  In many cases, it does.  In SOME cases, it doesn’t.  Point being, when considering a foreclosure, bear in mind what might have to be spent…do your due diligence before closing!  Have a home inspection.  Get a contractor’s opinion.  Price appliances.  If you can get a good deal on a home and not go through the repair/replace process, that could be the answer.  Talk candidly to your Realtor.  See what’s out there in your price range, foreclosure or not.  If you decide that a foreclosure property is right for you, your Realtor can guide you safely through the process.  Make sure to look carefully at what you’ll need to do in order to make that purchase.  You’ll need to have proof of funds or a current pre-qualification letter from a lender.  Earnest Money deposits will need to be certified funds.  The process can take a while, so be patient.  You may be asked to come up with forms or other paperwork you don’t normally have to provide in a “normal” transaction.  Please listen to the experts.



Navigating the Foreclosure Market

…”and that’s how it’s done!”















In the end, your purchase will be something everyone hopes you’ll be proud of!  I can help you navigate those waters and land on shore with ease.  I hope if you’re considering any kind of Cashiers Home, Highlands Home, Glenville Home, Sapphire Home or Lake Toxaway Home purchase, you’ll call on me.  I have the experience, tenacity and patience to get through the process with relatively little inconvenience to you, the Buyer.  I have some foreclosures listed that may be of interest to you!  Let me know how I can help you.  Please call me at McKee Properties, Inc.  828 399 1580


Foreclosures in Cashiers

Welcome to Your New Home!


It’s been a really temperate winter so far here in the mountains of western North Carolina.  We’ve had one bout of below freezing weather, which is just incredible!  Since the winter’s turning out to be so mild, it can be a great time to come up and look at Homes in Cashiers that are for sale!

Cedar Creek Woods Home







Ditto for Highlands, Sapphire, Glenville and Lake Toxaway.  If you’re wondering if there are activities beyond looking for a mountain home, you’ve hit the jackpot!  In the Sapphire Valley area of the plateau, you and your family can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and tubing on one of the closest ski slopes for those of us who live in the southeast.


Winter Activities in Cashiers






There are those die-hard restaurants that stay open for us locals during the winter months, so dining out can still be a pleasure!  The waterfalls are still magnificent and many days are still suitable for cool-weather hiking!  The mountain experience can be yours during the winter, spring, summer or fall.  Why wait any longer for your little corner of the western North Carolina mountains?  Pricing for homes and condos haven’t been better in many years, and it is believed they won’t be this great ever again.  Come on up —- the weather’s fine!!!


Winter Activities in Cashiers





Let me know how I can help you in your search for a Cashiers home!  Call me today at McKee Properties!  828 399 1580


Winter is officially here in the mountains!  Means great outdoor activities for those looking for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.  If you’re looking for winter pricing on real estate, this is the time!   Between yesterday and today, it is WAY below freezing!    Many of our current homeowners desiring to sell their properties have really become very motivated to get sold and your real estate professional will already have a feel for who is and who’s not.  If you don’t have a real estate professional, I’d love to help you!  Please call Merry Soellner at 828 399 1580.  I’m here year round and I have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening here in the Highlands, Cashiers, Glenville, Sapphire and Lake Toxaway area of western North Carolina!  Weather People say these freezing temps won’t be with us that long, so that means warmer weather to go out and look at property!  That’s really great!  So give me a call…I’m dedicated to finding the right property for YOU!


It’s a new year, and I think we’re all grateful for that!  2012 brings with it hope, a fresh start for many and continuing success for real estate sales in Cashiers Homes for Sale!  This past year has been one of learning experiences in general.  Learning how to deal with foreclosed properties and short sales, how to help people who are desperately seeking a financial solution for their own dilemmas and continuing to seek and find buyers for properties continue to be the norm.  Fortunately, opportunities exist for those able to take advantage of them.  Consider the person finding themselves in a position where they need to sell property in a short sale situation.  Although it may take a while for dealing with large banks, this process allows the seller to rid themselves of their financial burdens, while enabling the buyer to achieve a great deal in a distressed market.  Wouldn’t that be considered a win-win for both parties? 


The end of the year saw an increase in home and land sales in our beautiful mountain area, and a reduction in the absorption time of existing listings.  The Sales to List pricing remains about the same in our MLS area, about 90% of list price.  That’s still good news for sellers and buyers, too!


If you’re a person who’s considering a real estate purchase, I encourage you to do some looking!  Deals are out there to be had and you never know;  you could actually find yourself getting the deal of the century in 2012!