It’s a new year, and I think we’re all grateful for that!  2012 brings with it hope, a fresh start for many and continuing success for real estate sales in Cashiers Homes for Sale!  This past year has been one of learning experiences in general.  Learning how to deal with foreclosed properties and short sales, how to help people who are desperately seeking a financial solution for their own dilemmas and continuing to seek and find buyers for properties continue to be the norm.  Fortunately, opportunities exist for those able to take advantage of them.  Consider the person finding themselves in a position where they need to sell property in a short sale situation.  Although it may take a while for dealing with large banks, this process allows the seller to rid themselves of their financial burdens, while enabling the buyer to achieve a great deal in a distressed market.  Wouldn’t that be considered a win-win for both parties? 


The end of the year saw an increase in home and land sales in our beautiful mountain area, and a reduction in the absorption time of existing listings.  The Sales to List pricing remains about the same in our MLS area, about 90% of list price.  That’s still good news for sellers and buyers, too!


If you’re a person who’s considering a real estate purchase, I encourage you to do some looking!  Deals are out there to be had and you never know;  you could actually find yourself getting the deal of the century in 2012!